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1-4 Unit Low Document Investor Purchase or Refinance Long Term Mortgages:


Long Term Fixed Rate Loans for Non-Owner Occupied Properties:
We offer a unique mortgage program for residential real estate investors. This program is a low
documentation, perfect for purchase, refinance or cash out after your have completed a rehab project. Program qualification is based on property income, LTV and FICO score, no personal income is required.


Long-Term (30 yr Fixed) Rental Loan Program Guidelines & Pricing:
Loan Amount: $75k-$3M
Minimum As-Is Appraised Value: $100k
Collateral: Non-owner Occupied 1-4 Family Residential Properties; Warrantable Condos; Townhomes; Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) must be rented on long term lease
Term: 30 Years, Fully Amortized
Purchase: Up to 80% LTV
Refinance: Up to 75% of the As-Is Value
Cash-Out: Up to 75% of the As-Is Value
Vacation Rental Properties (AirBNB allowed)
Portfolio Loans for 2+ Properties (Average property value $100k)
Rate: Starting at 6.49%
Points: Vary based on loan amount
Credit Score: 680 Minimum
Programs: 30yr Fixed, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARM and Interest Only
Prepayment Penalty: 0yr to 5yr Year declining options
Borrower Liquidity: 9 Months of PITIA Reserves

Documentation for Purchase or Refinance for Rental Loans:

  • Application

  • Current market value estimate

  • Current rental income and market rent estimate

  • Property taxes

  • Hazard insurance annual premium

  • Copy of Lease(s)

  • HUD from purchase (if refinance)

  • Rehab budget for work completed (if applicable)

  • Valid ID

  • Purchase and sale agreement for the property (if purchase)

  • Sixty (60) consecutive days of statements of accounts for liquid assets

  • We will need the following documentation for the entity in which you will be vesting title: Certified Articles, Certificate of Good Standing, Executed Operating Agreement

  • Insurance policy quote for the property prior to closing

  • Contact information for your closing attorney or title company

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